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Chitec was formed in 1998 as a leading edge developer of photoinitiators. Chitec has a complete line of initiators, photosensitizers, amine synergists and property enhancers. The company is now focused on becoming the leader in development of next generation products in the UV and Cationic curing markets.


  • Chivacure TPO- Photo bleaching property makes it suitable for white inks as well as thick coatings.
  • Chivacure 200- Superb non-yellowing with minimal odor liquid photonitiator mainly for wood and water borne UV.
  • Chivacure 107- Most commonly used photoinitiator for pigmented systems.
  • Chivacure 184- Superb non-yellowing property and excellent photo speed. Make it the first choice for clear coatings.
  • Chivacure 173- Versatile liquid non-yellowing photoinitiator for applications requiring minimal yellowing.
  • Chivacure BDK- Excellent photoinitiator for applications where non-yellowing is not crucial.
  • Developmental Photoinitiator

  • Chivacure 9842- Benzene-free sulfonium hexafluoro-phosphate type cationic photoinitiator. (Available for sampling)
  • Chivacure 1256- Liquid type TPO for applications where photo speed and non-yellowing are crucial. (Available for sampling)
  • Chivacure 3482- A photoinitiator similar in performance to Chivacure 107 without odor. (Available for sampling)
  • Photosensitizer

  • Chivacure BMS- Highly efficient photosensitizer for white inks and clear coatings.
  • Chivacure MPL- Liquid photosensitizer containing no benzophenone and therefore eliminating associated health problems.
  • Chivacure OMB- Ideal for odorless applications such as food packaging.
  • Chivacure EMK- Most suitable photosensitizer to improve the curing for black and deep-colored pigmented systems.
  • Chivacure ITX- Most widely used photosensitizer for pigmented systems.
  • Chivacure LBP- Liquid benzophenone with low viscosity.
  • Chivacure BP- Most economical photosensitizer.
  • Amine Synergist

  • Chivacure 115- Polymeric aliphatic amine with excellent curing speed and odorless property.
  • Chivacure 225- Polymeric aliphatic amine with odorless properties, also acts as an adhesion promoter for plastic coatings.
  • Chivacure EPD- Highly efficient aromatic amine synergist for pigmented system.
  • Chivacure OPD- Liquid version of Chivacure EPD.
  • Property Enhancers

  • Chisorb 336- Highly efficient liquid cyano acrylate UV absorber that does not affect curing speed.
  • Chisorb 353- Highly effective liquid hindered amine light stabilizer.
  • Chisorb 389M50- Highly effective liquid fomumidine UV absorber that does not affect curing speed.
  • Chitex OB- Optical brightener to improve the whiteness of coatings.
  • Doublemer 9135- Two function silicone acrylate that functions as a good slipping/wetting agent.
  • Doublemer 9166- Curable adhesion promoter for metal.
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